overcomingyourparentsdivorceElisabeth’s book, Overcoming Your Parents’ Divorce: Five Steps to a Happy Relationship, a self-help book for adults with divorced parents, was published by New Horizon Press. The book was a Finalist in the 2008 “National Best Book Awards.”


While published in 2008, it was recently reviewed by the Adult Children of Divorce Ministries. For a review of the book at the site, go here. You can also hear Elisabeth discuss her book in a radio interview with Dr. Alvin Augustus Jones.


She has discussed her book on XM Radio’s “Broad Minded” show, on the UK’s Kerrang Radio, and on many other local stations throughout the United States. You can read an interview with Elisabeth and a feature story about the book in Your Tango magazine. You can find an article that she published, based on the book, in Self Help magazine. She has also been quoted in

Magazine and Television

In December, Elisabeth was interviewed by the Huffington Post about frequent sources of tension for couples during the holiday season. In October, Elisabeth was interviewed about reasons for constant marital conflict.  In July, Elisabeth was interviewed by the Huffington Post  about common co-parenting challenges divorced parents face.  In May, she was interviewed about things married men dread hearing from their wives.  In April, she was featured in an article about the signs that you’re not ready to marry and  signs that your marriage is worth saving.  In March, she was also featured in an article about the signs of a strong and satisfying relationship and ways to find closure in the wake of divorce.   She was also recently interviewed about difficult but important topics to discuss before committing to marriage.  Elisabeth spoke with W radio, one of the most popular radio stations in Latin America, to discuss internet dating and the psychological components of the common exit strategy of “ghosting”.  She was also interviewed by the Huffington Post about why women sometimes develop a pattern of choosing unsuitable partners.   Her post about men in couples therapy was also featured on the divorce page of the Huffington Post.  In November, Elisabeth’s article on the importance of endings is featured in The National Psychologist.  In October, Elisabeth was interviewed by the Huffington Post for an article about common complaints among men in couples therapy.  In September, Elisabeth was featured on the NASW website for her article about “ghosting” and Elisabeth was interviewed for an article in Urban Family about how divorce impacts the friends of the divorcing couple.    In August, 2015 Elisabeth’s article on divorce was featured in the New Social Worker.  In January, 2015, Elisabeth was quoted in the Washington Post Express discussing couples moving in together.

Elisabeth’s article on how viewing certain films in conjunction with therapy can be a catalyst for change was featured on the home page of the Washington Post. A comprehensive, unedited version of this article is posted on YourTango.

Elisabeth appeared on Fox 5 to discuss why breaking up is getting harder to do in Washington. She also appeared on HuffPost Live to discuss parenting and divorce. She was quoted in Redbook Magazine about divorce, and in Fox News Magazine about breakups.


She was also interviewed on WTOP and by Washingtonian Magazine for an article about couples and exercise and Washington Post Express for an articles about breakups cohabitation and moving in together. Elisabeth is a frequently featured blogger on The Huffington Post.

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Elisabeth recently had the exciting opportunity to participate in a panel discussion with relationship experts Esther Perel, Matthew Walters, Dr. Cynthia Chestnut and Lesli Doares. Topics included infidelity, motherhood, marriage, and whether couples who are happily married can benefit from couples therapy. Click on the links to view the conversation.